Bold markdowns on a mission

Saving jobs by keeping dollars in the stores of our city.

On a mission

We believe commerce is about community, not things. We came together to strengthen our towns and cities, leveraging commerce as our mechanism to achieve our mission.

We hope to take you on a journey, with us, to strengthen our cities by keeping jobs local and having fun along the way, together.

Our journey begins with introducing markdowns sitting on shelves in stores nearby to you.

Strengthening our cities through commerce

You will find us putting the stores in our communities front and center.  From local boutiques with a single owner to big box stores that employ hundreds, together we can keep jobs in the Main Streets of America.


Save jobs in our community

We know you’re probably not going to be protesting in the streets to save your favorite chain store, but hear us out.  Physical retail is having a major meltdown and with it has come a cosmic job loss.  In the past 12 months, over 100,000 store jobs have evaporated.  To put that in context, that’s more than the total number of coal and steel workers in the U.S., or if every single human who lives in Cambridge, MA was suddenly unemployed.  Yikes.

So why haven’t you heard about this?  The struggle of a laid-off sales clerk at Old Navy unfortunately may not get as much attention as the out-of-work factory worker, but these jobs are just as important.  They’re held primarily by women and have a higher percentage of immigrant and minority workers. Losing these jobs puts valuable community members at risk.  This is where you come in- by shopping the retailers in your city, from big chain stores to local shops, you’re helping to keep those stores open and vital jobs here.

Scary stats section

Number of jobs lost in major department stores since 2003.
out of 10
Americans who depend on a paycheck from a retail job.
Cities affected by job loss from the closing of retail stores last year.

You’re going to want to sit down for this

But what about e-commerce? Isn’t it creating new jobs? Well, yes but…it’s actually making it worse.  The problem is that most of these jobs are all concentrated in a small handful of areas like Seattle or San Francisco, and don’t come even close to making up for the number of lost retail jobs. Communities already hit hard by the decline in manufacturing are getting hit even harder as stores close and any new jobs created are transported outside the area. 

Okay so, what now?

Don’t break out the Adele just yet. We can turn this thing around. We’re starting in Boston, mapping the markdowns in the city to make it easy to find a great deal, explore nearby stores, and keep dollars here. Soon we’ll be propelling into new cities, starting up new Wondermile communities, and expanding beyond markdowns. We’re anxious to grow faster, but we want to get it right. We’ll let you know when we’re launching in new towns, or if you happen to have a DeLorean, just fire that up and skip the wait (but take us too). 

The team at mission control

A long time ago in cities near and far, Anna and Brian spent years building successful e-commerce products, from billion dollar established players to trendy fashion start-ups. Meanwhile, they watched brick and mortar stores close and their neighborhoods hollow out around them. After a fateful chat one day over lunch, they changed course and embarked on a mission to use their knowledge to bring foot traffic and some fun back to shopping physical retail. 

A few weeks later, they united with Mike, who had spent years building mobile products connecting business owners to customers nearby and who shared their passion for revitalizing communities.  The three joined forces, rolled up their sleeves and got to work. 

It was time to save stores and jobs. 

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